• We are specialized in the design, building and sale of electrical Low and Medium voltage switchboards, distribution and energy control boards, transformer substations, plants and machines and also in photovoltaic plants.

  • We offer sustainable solar energy solutions for your home or industry. We design and build photovoltaic plants using high quality panels and devices that will make you save money and become more responsible by using green energy.

  • We design and build a wide range of customized residential solutions using the latest technologies combined with contemporary design. Our team of specialist will help you build your green energy home with optimum but cost saving solutions.

  • Solar pump are solar panels combined with a heat pump: this combination are the primary energy optimal solution for the production of hot water, fully respecting the environment.

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    NACO Engineering born in November 2013, in Vicenza.
    We provide renewable energy solutions for the industry and businesses. We also have a wide range of renewable energy solutions for the residential sector.
    Naco Engineering focuses on the design and production of electrical and thermo-mechanical plants and provides worldwide logistics.
    Our prime goal is to fulfill customer expectations by maintaining a high quality standard, performance and reliability in relation to the products and services offered.
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